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What is the Solar Scholars Program?

Mackintosh Academy Littleton is offering our Solar Scholarships to provide full financial support to attend our school for the 2017-18 school year. Solar Scholarships will help Mack expand our school’s reach to a historically under-represented group of children who are often under-identified or under-served as schools struggle to support gifted learners to reach their full potential. (This scholarship program is specifically for our Littleton campus; for information on scholarships at our Boulder campus, please contact Admissions Director Jenny Strode.)

The seed money for this scholarship fund came from our 2015 sixth grade class, who wrote and received a $96,000 grant to install solar panels on our school. They stipulated that the energy cost savings should go to a scholarship fund. Since then, Mackintosh Littleton has secured funding from generous community donors to fund up to four full scholarships for the 2017-8 school year. (Ongoing support to be awarded via an annual reapplication process).

Who should apply?

The Solar Scholars Program is designed to offer families of significant socioeconomic disadvantage an opportunity to attend Mackintosh Academy Littleton. Scholars will go through our regular admissions process, submit an application essay, and will be expected to maintain strong academic standing during their time at Mack. We are looking for bright, promising students who have a spark and love of learning.

What is Mackintosh Academy?

Mackintosh Academy Littleton, located near downtown Littleton, has served as a beacon in gifted education for 40 years. As an International Baccalaureate World School, fully accredited by AdvancEd, Mack offers a full-time gifted program, a strong focus on social-emotional learning and the opportunity for students to put their knowledge into action. A Mack education supports the whole child, integrating daily arts, physical education, Spanish, social-emotional learning, design, and science. Mack emphasizes creativity, innovation, and design-thinking to prepare students to be next-generation leaders, innovators and problem-solvers.

How can you apply?

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2017-18 school year. Applications must be submitted directly to Mackintosh Academy Littleton where decisions will be based on the merit of application criteria and clearly demonstrated full financial need.

“I received scholarship support every year I was at Mackintosh. While my life was one of insecurity and struggle, I spent my days with the most amazing teachers in an environment that fostered such a love of learning that I never needed an external source of motivation for the rest of my life.  When I left Mackintosh, I knew who I was and I never doubted that I could achieve any dream I pursued.”

Dr. Alfie MeisterPediatrician, Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics

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