Boulder Parents take the thinker pose after a day of painting the lab  - led by our kids!

Inspired Design Thinking in Boulder’s Design Space

By Nicole Krout, Mackintosh Parent

The Boulder campus Design Thinking Lab got a fresh facelift last weekend – with the help of the kids!

While parents had the bland idea of a somber gray for the design lab, the middle years Geometry students wanted something more creatively inspired. They searched online about the science of various colors and were drawn to purple because, according to their research, “The color purple invokes the intuitive aspects of the mind, inspiring curiosity which leads to creativity.”  What better way to apply Design Thinking to solve a problem than in our own space?

So, as you walk through the doors of Mackintosh Boulder, look for the Wild Orchid (Purple) in the second room to the right. Witness the innovation, creativity, prototyping and ideas that the color inspires.

Want to know more about Design Thinking? Read an explanation by Co Berry, founder of Createdu and a leader in the field.  As we use these 21st Century skills in practical application, the space will adapt to the changing needs and demands of the students.  There is more to come as the students apply their creativity to solve real world design problems. Stay tuned!