Adventure at Cal-wood

A Note from Portia Hinshaw

Hi All,

Just a brief update to let you know that all is going well at Cal-Wood! As always, I am so impressed with how rewarding this experience is for our students. After a safe arrival by the Mackintosh Academy contingencies from both Boulder and Littleton, we were welcomed by the most wonderful Cal-Wood staff. We are the first group to go to Cal-Wood since the September flood when fifth grade students from Boulder Valley School District were airlifted from the camp on the Friday after the flood.

The Mackintosh teachers and parents met with the Cal-Wood staff while our students met with their counselors. We (the teachers) were downstairs, and we could hear the excitement building upstairs! We later learned that Alex Chiang received a standing ovation after he did backflips across the Bear Room (the main meeting room), and then the entire group had a dance-off! In the afternoon, we divided up into our learning groups. Jay and I loved watching the team building exercises … the bonding was great and the laughs were heartfelt!

Right now the students are on their full moon night hike!

Calwood 3

Calwood 2

Calwood 1