Boulder Spotlight: 6th Grader Overcomes Challenges to Become Gymnastics State Champ!

Mackintosh Academy-Boulder sixth grader, Emmy G., recently tumbled her way into a Level 4 State Championship victory in women’s gymnastics.

The twelve-year-old gymnast had an all around score of 38.30, scoring first in bars, beam, floor and all around in the senior division at the state meet. The championship took place over the weekend of December 2nd.

IMG_0957-2Before this win, Emmy’s gymnastic success wasn’t always a given.

After being diagnosed with sensory processing disorder at a young age, Emmy worked with both occupational and physical therapists who treated her severe lack of coordination. A concussion sustained at two-years-old led doctors to encourage Emmy’s family to enroll her in gymnastics to foster balance and coordination.

Emmy quickly fell in love with the sport, but was later told by medical professionals she would never be coordinated enough to compete. This warning didn’t stop Emmy’s dream of becoming a competitive gymnast though.IMG_5086

“Gymnastics is my passion in life. I think when my doctors said I couldn’t do it, I felt a drive to prove them wrong,” said Emmy.

Since then Emmy has worked diligently to overcome any challenges standing in her way. She will soon compete in level six gymnastics and will regularly train twenty or more hours per week. Emmy hopes her intense training schedule and continued growth mindset will help her achieve her ambitious plans as a gymnast.

“My ultimate goal is the Olympics or competing in college gymnastics. I plan to try out for the 2024 Olympics as my senior project,” Emmy shared.

Emmy also credits her mom, coaches, teachers, and school with her success in gymnastics. According to her, the flexibility and support of her community have helped her triumph as a student and a gymnast.