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How Gifted Students Can Build Social-Emotional Resilience and Empowerment

By Sharon M. Barnes, MSSW, LCSW, http://therapistforsensitiveandgifted.com/ Social and emotional needs are crucial to the well-being of gifted students. When these needs are not met, the result may be low self-esteem, anxiety or depression. It is possible for gifted students to build social & emotional core strength and flexibility– in short, to become Social-Emotional ACES. […]

Mack Littleton Student Body President Election Demonstrates The Best in “Politics”

By Megan Rich, MYP Teacher Picture an election characterized by thoughtful debate, collaboration across parties and genuine respect between candidates – that’s precisely what Mackintosh Academy Littleton has just accomplished! For the last month and a half, Mackintosh Academy Littleton participated in its first ever Mackintosh Student Body Presidential Elections. With a strong desire to […]

Leading Beyond the Classroom Walls: The Gift of Sharing

As Colorado’s oldest “school of minds,” now entering our 40th year of serving gifted students in the Front Range, Mackintosh Academy is a treasure trove of creative ideas and innovative strategies for working with gifted learners. One challenge we face is how to free those ideas and strategies from within the walls of our own […]

Mack Littleton Wins Colorado Environmental Leadership Award

We are excited to announce that Mackintosh Littleton received a Bronze Achievement Award today from the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program.  This award recognizes our environmental initiatives including the solar panels, glass recycling and Terracycling programs, greenhouse and terracing projects, and other sustainability projects on campus. Students, teachers and parents have collaborated to make these initiatives […]

Lighting the Spark: Teachers Reflect on Student Success

  Anyone who thinks the current generation of children are apathetic and uninvolved needs to hear about all of these award winners and take heart that our world will be trusted to caring and capable hands. ~ Joe Pausback How does it feel, as a teacher, when your students surpass your expectations, and do something […]