Mackintosh Manifesto

We are each a different kind of apple. At Mack, we believe in the seed of unique genius in every child. We believe in the power of curiosity, in the kinetic energy of change, the brilliance of minds and bodies in motion, in cultivating a friendly place to learn. That learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation. We believe in creativity and challenge, in adaptability and agility, in the aha moment that generates a fresh reality. We nurture students’ inspirations. We believe in their aspirations. We honor imagination. We believe that writing an autobiography in the voice of a whale is a brilliant idea. We believe in multidimensional learning, in singing and dancing to remember math facts. We believe in natural leadership. That a star athlete can be a star in the school play and should be free to start a penny drive to save the rainforest. That children can be creative and climb mountains. At Mack, we grow makers, creators, engineers, inventors, artists, developers, poets, and leaders. We inspire students to solve problems, have fun with fractals and the Fibonacci sequence, to find answers with friends and in solitude equally. We believe in watering the roots of innate intelligence, in being the change. We believe that an uncertain world requires resilience, clarity and courage gained in self-inquiry, that the world is the ultimate learning laboratory. At Mackintosh, we cultivate whole human beings with confidence, passion, and adaptability. We see leadership in every learning opportunity. We evolve as our students evolve. This is how Mackintosh grows — one distinctive student at a time — developing in the sunlight of inspired leadership and learning. Finding the seed of giftedness in every child is our mission. Inspiring gifted children to grow roots and wings is our calling. We are Mackintosh: Unique to the core.