Mackintosh Academy nurtures the keen minds and compassionate hearts of the gifted child in a responsive and caring community of learners. Our students mature into confident, healthy human beings inspired to contribute to a world that needs them.

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Core Values

At Mackintosh, we are passionate, energetic, engaged, creative, and empathetic. Inspired by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile, our Core Values reflect our drive to discover the best in ourselves and in each other, to develop a keen understanding of the world and how it works, and to make a meaningful contribution to it.


Eve Mackintosh had a vision. She believed in the unique gifts of her children. She knew they needed an education to match their potential. They needed creativity and challenge, learning driven by curiosity and meaningful problems worth solving. They needed an education that would nurture their natural brilliance.

Our Team

The combined Mackintosh leadership and teaching team is comprised of experts with diverse backgrounds. Their powerful combination of professional experience and training, combined with our student-focused approach, makes Mackintosh unique to the core.

Our Students

At Mackintosh, students are inspired learners and leaders. They are innovative and creative problem solvers, artists and change agents, deep and complex thinkers. Mackintosh helps students tap into innate intelligences. Our students mature into whole, healthy human beings who are confident about their unique gifts and their place in the world, who contribute their special gifts to a world that needs them.

Mackintosh is truly like a family. Its caring, nurturing, safe environment really sets it apart.

Mackintosh parent