Mackintosh Academy created an environment where I could thrive and learn more than I thought was possible. Mackintosh helped me to not only master my strengths, but to also improve my weaknesses. I graduated from Littleton High School with honors and I am now one of the top of my class in the school of Architecture at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be where I am today without those seven years at Mackintosh Academy.

Cory Scott Reed, Class of 2009

Innovative learners and leaders

Mackintosh students are innovative and creative problem solvers, artists and change agents, deep and complex thinkers. They are brilliant and wired to learn.  They often have a heightened level of awareness of the world around them and surprise adults with their insights. Some of these children can struggle in a normal classroom.  And other children may seem “fine,” truly begin to shine at Mack.

Mackintosh helps all of our students tap into all of their innate intelligences – not just the intellectual ones.  We strive to see our students strengths and gifts  – from the visual spatial, to the imaginative, to the highly empathetic/emotional ones and even kinesthetic (high energy movers and wigglers!).  Having the opportunity to use all of their gifts helps our students mature into whole, healthy human beings who are confident about their place in the world and their ability to impact it.

Our inspired learners grow into leaders and innovators, experts and entrepreneurs in their chosen fields.

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