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Mackintosh Academy is more than a school. It’s a learning philosophy. We are an independent IB World School serving gifted and creative children across the Colorado Front Range.

Mackintosh prepares students to thrive in a changing world, with our focus on innovation, service, and leading‑edge educational approaches.

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Keen Minds. 

Compassionate Hearts. 

Global Action.


This beautiful space sets the stage as an ideal environment for the children to learn and grow strong. They are safe, free to experiment and express themselves, and yet have a great balance of clear guidelines that keep them going in an ever-positive direction.

– Mackintosh grandparent

I like it because it’s smaller and there is more focus on you. I feel cared about.

– Mackintosh seventh grade student

I wanted to express my gratefulness to you for being my educators and mentors for some of the most important years of my life. Looking back, I realize how instrumental my time at Mackintosh was to who I am now, where I’ve come, and even what I hope to do.

– Mackintosh grad, Class of 2009

What happens under the roof of that school is magic. And the magicians are the teachers and administrators who change children through their relentless recognition of potential, and by sticking with their students like glue.

– Mackintosh parent

“I’ve learned more in my two years at Mack than in all my other years of school.”

– Mackintosh Middle Years student

I don’t want my kids to be the last ones through the old education system. I want them to be the first ones through a new one.

– Mackintosh parent


It feels really good here. I wake up in the morning and I’m actually really excited to go to school.

– Mackintosh fifth grade student