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By Diane Dunne, Littleton Head of School

 Come Celebrate with us! Our Solar Celebration and  State Farm “Big Check” Event will be October 23 at noon.  We’ll hear from Students and the teachers who supported their big win.  There will be hands on learning activities, performances by our students and, of course, cake!

Last year’s Exhibition students are feeling the power to change the world!  Their solar energy grant proposal to State Farm Insurance has been approved!  Written as part of last year’s IB Exhibition project, with the assistance of teachers Joe Pausback and Nancy Muhich, and former Assistant Head of School Linda Downey-Turner, the grant for over $90,000 will allow the purchase and installation of solar panels on all three campus buildings.  This will reduce Mack Littleton’s energy use by 30,000 kilowatt hours.  As a result, 30,000 pounds of coal a year will stay in the ground, significantly lowering our carbon footprint and cutting our electricity bills by approximately 70%.


The Youth Advisory Board that made the decision said they’d never seen such a well written grant. Kudos to our students. Special thanks to parent Stacy Nimmo, a State Farm agent, who encouraged the class to apply for the grant.  We are all enriched by this example of how hard work, dedication, and a vision for a sustainable future, can yield such exciting results.  Congratulations to all involved!


You can share in the excitement by clicking on this link to State Farm’s Facebook page.  www.facebook.com/sfyab  .  Please also feel free to post or tweet about the win on your own pages using #statefarmyb or #statefarmgrant!  Save the date and stay tuned more details on our Solar Celebration and “Big Check” event set for 10/23.

Here is a photo of the wonderful winning 6th grade team from their grant submission last year.

State Farm Shirt Pic

We are so proud of our students!  And thank you to Stacy Nimmo, Local State Farm Agent and Amazing Mack Parent, for bringing the opportunity to our attention.