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Finding a Right Fit School – Inspiration Session Friday 11/22 10 am @ Mackintosh Boulder

How can you decode a classroom to see more deeply into a school’s philosophy?  More importantly, how do you figure out if that school is a right fit for your student?

School choice is both a wonderful blessing and a difficult process in Boulder.  As parents, we are often choosing where to send our children based on sometimes slim information – a tour, a presentation, maybe a few friends’ recommendations.  What are the big, basic philosophical differences that guide educators – and what are the implications for your child’s classroom experience?  How can we use visual and verbal cues to look beneath the surface of a school’s philosophy and understand a child’s day-to-day experience?  How can parents observe their own child’s behavior to understand their needs and what’s a “right fit” school for them?

Join us at Mackintosh Boulder for our Inspiration Session Friday Morning 11/22 from 10-12 in the auditorium

We’ll explore these questions as Mackintosh Boulder Head of School Eric Robertson will lead a conversation on educational roots and discovering the right school for your child.  Whether your child is heading to elementary or middle school, this is a presentation not to miss.

If you are searching for a school, let us help you discover the right fit – and, along the way, you’ll find out why for the right kid Mackintosh may be it.