Grateful Leaves

Joy and Gratitude: Two Great TED Talks for Thanksgiving

Spending this weekend in deep gratitude for our precious little community.  A little gift landed in my email inbox this morning that I’d like share with  you all –  two powerful Ted Talks on beauty and gratitude.

The first talk is by nature photographer Louie Schwartzberger and is a powerful a meditation on wonder and beauty in the world.  You may recognize some of the beautiful shots of flowers from the “Unseen Worlds” IMAX.  Schwartzberger’s photography reminds us of the beauty, grace and wonder we experience simply when we slow down.


The gentle voice at the end of this talk is Father David Steindl Rast.  His TED Talk offers practice to cultivate this sense of gratitude and engagement in the creative flow of life:

Stop. Look.  Then go!… And make a difference.

The last few minutes of Father David’s talk is absolutely precious.  He prescribes a set of practices that act as a gateway to joy and transformation in our world.  My favorite part is his commentary on small, networked communities that truly care for each other as the foundation of social transformation.

Enjoy these two bits of wisdom!  Thanks to all of you for who you are and the part you have in raising my kids.  Happy Thanksgiving!