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Beyond IQ: Brain Training Skills Students Need to Succeed – JAN 14

Science has shown that mental abilities not captured in IQ tests can have the most impact on real world performance – attributes such as creativity, will power, emotional intelligence and intuition. The good news: many of these skills can be trained!

Join us on Wednesday, January 14th on our Littleton Campus at 6:30 pm as national bestselling author and local Geek Dad Garth Sundem goes Beyond IQ to explore scientifically-based brain training that will help your student develop the skills he or she needs to succeed. Garth will share simple, science-based exercises to make the most of your capacities, increase eureka moments, improve problem solving and creativity, as well as grow capacities such as emotional intelligence and will power. Garth will introduce us to both the value of these skills and simple pen-and-paper exercises that can help train your brain to boost success – in both school and life.

You can read more in an excerpt from the book below, but here are the talk details:

DATE:    Wednesday, JAN 14

TIME:     6:30 – 8:00 pm

PLACE:     Mackintosh Academy Littleton, 7018 S Prince St, Littleton, CO 80120


Beyond IQ, opens with a story from the movie Pretty Woman, with Richard Gere’s character inexpertly grinding the gears of his friends’ Lotus and being left in the dust by another “Pretty Woman” (not Julia Robert’s title character). Garth’s creative and engaging style makes the brain science easy, fun and accessible. Sundem spent a year questing after the attributes that truly contribute to success and ways to train them. Here are a few brief excerpts from the introduction to “Beyond IQ” that will whet your whistle for “this new kind of brain training guide.”

“Raw intelligence is good: it helps to shape your potential top speed. But there’s much, much more that goes into realizing it. This brain training book for everything but IQ will teach you to drive your mind – to get the most from what you’ve got under the hood. Entertaining information will help you understand what these skills are and aren’t. Hands-on exercises will boost your wisdom, insight, willpower, problem solving, emotional intelligence, multitasking and more – all the things that bridge the gap between intelligence in your head and the results you want in the real world.”

“Every claim and exercise in these pages springs from interviews with some of the country’s top brain researchers and studies published in peer-reviewed journals.   This is real science, people. Here you’ll learn what top psychology researchers say about cultivating correct intuitions and overbalancing bad experiences with good so that age leads to wisdom. You’ll learn to clear clutter from the path to an insightful solution and boost the skills of executive function: willpower, focus and multitasking. And much, much more.”

“Stretching your mind needn’t be horrible and frustrating and boring. Perhaps the most important lesson in this book of lessons is that putting the engine of your mind to hard work can be fun. And while you’re having fun putting your brain through its paces, you’ll also be pointing the Lotus of your life towards success.”

Join us for Beyond IQ on November 5th to hear more from this fabulous local author as he distills a few fun facts and some serious exercises from his great brain-training guide.  You’ll definitely walk out with an work out for your most valuable muscle (though admittedly not the manly, muscle car kind).