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STEM May Be in Now, but Mackintosh is the Whole Apple

fun shots (3 of 6)Come savor the fruits of our labor.

Mack parents, both current and prospective, are invited to enjoy a “Taste of the Apple” on Thursday, February 18 from 5:30 – 6:40pm at the Mackintosh Academy-Littleton campus by attending two 30-minute mini-classes taught by our fabulous teachers—a taste of the learning that our students savor every day.

In Spanish, you will learn how movement promotes the acquisition of a second language. In Kindergarten, you will walk the Silk Road and explore how individual and collaborative inquiry deepens understanding of the world. In third and fourth grade, you will engage in design thinking and discover why your child’s recycled “stuff” really has a great deal of meaning. And in fifth and sixth grades, you will investigate self-assembling polyhedrons that go from flat to 3D with the power of light. Creating uncommon poetry from common word uses, art from music, 3D designs, and science from the senses round out the evening’s adventures in learning.fun shots (4 of 6)

Woven through all of these classes is the International Baccalaureate World School philosophy that honors the whole child and promotes the Learner Profile through inquiry-based teaching and learning. Learner Profile attributes of Caring, Communicator, Open Minded, Thinker, Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Principled, Risk-taker, Reflective, and Resilient help our youngsters develop the intra and interpersonal skills they need to grow into world citizens who care and who are nimble and innovative in solving problems in a world that needs them.

If you are interested in experiencing a taste of the whole apple that is Mackintosh Academy, please join us. Click below for more details about the classes and email Beth Steklac beth@mackintoshacademy.com to learn more about our school and to sign up to attend.

Taste of the Apple Course Offerings