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Mack-Boulder Spotlight: Reading and Writing Rock!

“It’s hard for me to squeeze in all the reading and writing I want to do every day.” -a Mack-Boulder student In addition to a vigorous IB curriculum, Mackintosh Academy-Boulder has a strong dedication to nurturing and supporting avid readers and writers. The school has double-downed on the importance of developing a love of reading […]

Boulder Campus Spotlight: Fabulous Friday Explorations

Some kids would like nothing more than to spend extra time at school in the art lab, developing their pottery skills. Others might be passionate about learning how to handle emergencies in the wilderness. Friday Explorations at Mack-Boulder ensure that each student gets the chance to explore an area of interest that doesn’t usually occur […]

Mack-Boulder 5th Graders As Entrepreneurs

Two weeks ago, the halls and offices of Mackintosh Academy-Boulder were buzzing with fifth graders interviewing faculty, staff, and administrators. “What kinds of problems, large or small, do you encounter in your daily life here at school?” was the most overheard question.   The fifth grade is currently in the thick of an economics and entrepreneurship unit. […]

Mack-Boulder 2nd Graders Go To “Infinity and Beyond”

Get ready to “blast off” as we get a glimpse into the “out of  this world” unit the Mack-Boulder second graders just completed. Their IB Unit of Inquiry was Space Exploration with the central idea, “Exploration Drives Invention and Discovery.” Teachers Jenny Bolch and Kim Granger kept a “space log” of sorts to keep parents […]

Mack-Boulder Service Learning Day: Food for Thought

What is the environmental impact of food transportation? What does it mean to eat or cook locally? Does everyone have enough food and access to healthy food? How can we help others who may not have enough food? The Mackintosh Academy-Boulder 4th and 5th grade students have been exploring those and other questions as part […]