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Boulder Spotlight: 4th Grade Presents Stone Soup as Rock Opera

In Performing Arts class at Mack-Boulder, the cornerstone event for each grade is the work-share. Work-shares are assemblies that are typically an amalgam of a performance, a play, and a demonstration, depending on what the students want to showcase. For each work-share, the performing class develops, rehearses, and then presents a “show” based on what they […]

Mack-Boulder Middle School Makeover!

While the Mack-Boulder Middle School has evolved and grown each year since the campus began, this fall has seen its most advanced iteration yet—physically and programmatically! Physical space – This summer, intrepid facilities manager Jaime Philp completed, with some contracted help, a radical renovation of the space formerly occupied by The Hillside School. In that space, […]

Boulder Spotlight: Service Learning is Off to a Great Start

Service Learning is in full swing for Mack-Boulder students, both on campus and in the community. Over the past few weeks, students have ventured off campus in the new ETVs (Experiential education Transportation Vehicles) to learn and serve. As part of their IB unit on the importance of community, the 4th grade toured the There […]

Learning from a Lamb Carcass: How Mack-Boulder Focuses on Experiential and Service Learning

A group of fifth graders is gathered around a table. On the table is a lamb—a dead one. In class, the students have been learning about how food is transformed from molecule to seed to farm to table and into their bodies, and now they are here at Blackbelly Market to learn about butchering. “What […]