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1/2 Students Spread Cheer on Red Nose Day

Our 1/2 class demonstrated the meaning of “compassionate hearts” and a commitment to action in their recent field trip to the Ronald McDonald House and Children’s Hospital.  In support of Red Nose Day, the students toured the Ronald McDonald facility and met some of the families staying there. They also dropped off donated items they […]

Five Reasons that Reading Aloud (Even to Older Children) is Beneficial (Plus a Bonus List of Book Suggestions)

By Kristi Holmes Espineira, Mackintosh Littleton Director of Advancement You can’t tell from today’s surprise spring snowstorm, but summer is just around the corner! Mack students will soon go home with their summer reading lists, and solo reading is an important part of nurturing kids’ reading skills over the summer. But have you considered how […]

“The X”: The Primary Years Exhibition Turns Students into “Xperts”

On April 26, 2016, Mackintosh Academy Littleton 6th graders presented their International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program Exhibition projects to parents, teachers, faculty, staff, and students.  Known around campus as “The X,” the Exhibition is the culmination of the Primary Years Program (PYP) – the crowning moment when students become “Xperts” and make the transition from […]

How the International Baccalaureate Sets You up for Lifelong Success

By Sharon Muench, Mack Littleton IB Programme Coordinator The International Baccalaureate Programmes’ framework nurtures not only students, but citizens of the world. Students are taught to be active and engaged participants in the classroom. They are not simply taught book smarts, but learn the life skills to be successful in today’s world. Finally, IB students […]

Six Ways Parents Can Nurture Gifted Girls

By Kristi Holmes Espineira, Mackintosh Academy Littleton Director of Advancement Gifted girls seem to be everywhere in popular culture recently. From the brilliant African-American women mathematicians and computer programmers in the film “Hidden Figures,” to the expert linguist who cracks the key to communicating with aliens in “Arrival,” to the highly gifted young girl struggling […]