The Mackintosh Academy Board of Trustees is comprised of community members from the greater Denver/Boulder metro area, working together to implement our “one school, two campus” vision. Our Board has expertise in education, psychology, law, finance, architecture, nonprofit management, development, and technology, and we collaborate to use our time, talents and resources in support of our entire Mackintosh community.

Name Info Bio
Stephanie Gill Kelly Co-Chair of the Board, Littleton
Mark Melton Co-Chair of the Board, Boulder
Laura Lee Co-Vice Chair of the Board, Boulder
Annie Slothower Co-Vice Chair of the Board, Littleton
Jonathan Bein, Ph.D. Co-Treasurer of the Board, Boulder
Bart Crawford Co-Treasurer of the Board, Littleton
Trey Douglass Secretary of the Board; Denver, CO
Kristina Campos Denver, CO
Mary Lou Faddick Golden, CO
John Goldsmith Boulder, CO
Svein Groem Boulder, CO
Dr. Cathy Olkin Boulder, CO
Dr. Susan Scheibel Littleton, CO
Dr. Jason Widegren Littleton, CO