To my family: The Greeks did not write obituaries. They only asked one question: Did the person live with passion? I had passion about everything I ever did.

Eve Mackintosh Founder of Mackintosh Academy

Eve Mackintosh had a vision

Eve Mackintosh founded Mackintosh Academy in 1977 as Colorado’s oldest “School of the Minds.”

Eve believed in the unique gifts of every child. She believed in the power of passion and purpose.  She took joy in challenge.  She knew children needed an education to match their full potential – one driven by creativity, curiosity and compassion.  She saw that children thrive on meaningful problems worth solving, not just text book knowledge. Ultimately they need an education that would nurture their natural brilliance.

In the 1970s, no school in Colorado existed to meet those needs. So Eve Mackintosh founded her own school, Mackintosh Academy. She developed a curriculum based in holistic, well-rounded educational programs that nurture the social, emotional, physical, and creative needs of children, as well as academic ones.

In 1990, she purchased property in the heart of Littleton and Eve’s son, Trip, and his wife, Whitney, became joint directors. They built the solid foundation on which Mackintosh Academy has flourished ever since.  In 2010, Mackintosh Academy opened a second campus, in Boulder.

The Mackintosh family believes students thrive with sustained opportunities to explore and learn in all disciplines—especially the ones often cut first from school programs, such as world languages, the arts, and physical education.

Mackintosh Academy continues to ask the important questions about education, to evolve to meet the needs of today’s children, to prepare them for tomorrow’s world. But Eve’s original vision remains central: To nurture the seed of unique genius in every child.