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What is the Annual Giving Campaign?

While the true value of a Mackintosh education is hard to quantify, the cost of educating each student at Mack exceeds tuition every year. As an independent, non-profit organization, we do not receive state or other designated educational funding. Funding that is vital for running all aspects of our school is made possible by money generated from yearly fundraising activities. The Annual Giving Campaign is our most significant fundraising program, reaching out to faculty, Board of Trustees, families, grandparents, and alumni to raise unrestricted support. Every gift to the Annual Giving Campaign helps increase velocity, improving daily experiences in practical ways for all of our Mack learners.

While parents might expect that tuition would cover all of our operating expenses, it does not. Each year, our Board of Trustees works closely with our administration to make a Mack education affordable. As a result, our annual budget has an intentional deficit that needs to be closed by community giving. Supporting the Annual Giving Campaign closes that gap and impacts each and every Mackintosh student and our school community in tangible ways. Every contribution you make helps to support the following:

      • Professional Development that is essential to attract, retain and grow engaged, exceptional teachers who care deeply about each child and are invested in his or her growth;
      • Smaller Class Sizes that allow for every child to receive the individual attention and support he or she needs to thrive in our educational setting;
      • Vibrant IB Programming that is augmented by necessary curriculum resources, field trips, and materials that support our progressive Visual and Performing Arts, World Language, Physical Education, and Science & Design programs;
      • All Elements of the annual budget that support the running of our campuses including: education technology, facilities and grounds upkeep, equipment repair and maintenance.

Why 100% Participation is A Critical Goal:
We understand that Mackintosh families come from a range of economic backgrounds, and some families are able to contribute more than others. Your participation at a level that is meaningful to you demonstrates a strong commitment to ensuring our continued success as a school community this year. Achieving 100% participation from current families, faculty, staff and board helps demonstrate to foundations that we have our community’s full support, which is a crucial factor in receiving grants from outside organizations. Many employers also offer matching grants for your charitable contributions. Please let us know if yours does and we will handle the details of setting that up.

NEW: You can schedule a recurring gift online! Simply enter the amount you would like to give monthly and select “I would like to set this up as a monthly recurring payment.” You can then select an end date. Your card will be charged monthly via our secure online system.

By taking advantage of a company’s matching gift program, you could multiply the impact of your contribution to Mackintosh Academy. We hope you will consider arranging this via your company.

Obtain a matching gift form (or Web address) from your human resource department.
Complete the matching gift form and mail it to Mackintosh Academy with your donation.

If your matching registration is online, email the matching confirmation number to: arleen@mackintoshacademy – we verify the number. Your company sends the matching gift to Mackintosh Academy after receiving our verification.

2016-2017 Goals

•Boulder Campus

100% participation


Giving Levels

Founders Circle
a gift of $10,000 or more

Leadership Circle
a gift of $5000 – $9,999

Advocates Circle
a gift of $1000 – $4999

Momentum Circle
a gift of $500 – $999

Designers Circle
a gift of $250 – $499

Community Circle
a gift of $100 – $249

Friendship Circle
a gift up to $100

There are 3 ways to make a donation to our Annual Giving Campaign

Mail in a check, payable to Mackintosh Academy to:

Mackintosh Academy
Attn: Business Manager
7018 S Prince St.
Littleton, CO 80120

Designate your donation is for the Boulder campus on your check and envelope –  Attn: Annual Giving Boulder

Call Arleen Brogan-Smith at 303.794.6222 to make a gift over the phone

Donate quickly and securely online through the button at the top of this page

Thank you for your support. Each and every gift makes a difference.